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Not My First Rodeo

So, I used to travel for work … I flew somewhere just about every other week … a different city, airport, hotel … I was “Silver” on USAir, had a card for a few different hotel groups and was Avis … Continue reading

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Sleepiness, Cheesy Chicken and a Hotel Lobby

I mean, I got 5 hours of sleep last night … and nearly 3 the night before. And I’ve been on antibiotics for a cool five days so my body’s pretty used to it and the “issue” is pretty much gone … Continue reading

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From the outside … a tale of three goats and one woman’s opinion

I think most mommies, if not all of us, doubt whether what we’re doing is right. Regretfully, I am often worrying what others think of my parenting skills.  Are they questioning my ability to keep my kids in control when I’m … Continue reading

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Product of the Week – Happy Baby Organic Puffs

Yummy, Tasty, Organic Puffs In an effort to create some structure to this here blog, I’m going to intitute a “Product of the Week” series.  The first edition is something Momtaz has mentioned before. It’s the most-wonderous tiny baby, first-eater food, Organic … Continue reading

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Long Drive Memories

The Momster family is famous for our long drives… we aren’t an airplane crew … thankfully our boys are champions of the road trip, due to early training on the art of remaining cool in their respective car seats!  Of … Continue reading

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