Totally Put Together … Yeah, Sure!

As I was bouncing and pacing with my littlest in the infant carrier, while waiting to pickup #2 at his dance class, all the time, spurring my oldest to FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, I was reminiscing about parenting woes with a few of the other moms …

My memory harkened back to a moment (or three) last year where my multi-tasking parenting prowess was clearly on display.

My oldest son also does dance (as I’ve said previously, I’m sure) and he was part of a program that had 2-3 classes each week. Whether he attended 2 or 3 was largely dependent on what else was going on in our crazy family schedule. He only NEEDED to go twice per week, so oftentimes he’d miss one of the classes in lieu of something else … maybe BMX or homework or just a freaking afternoon off. Well, the way our family sched worked, SuperDad would do drop off and I would dash out of work and handle pickup (often to head to another activity). Now, getting out of work for a 6:00 or 6:30 pickup can sometimes require a small miracle. There were many a time (as in almost every time) where I was literally running out of the office and peeling into the parking lot in order to pick him up on time.

Well, one evening I was running a bit late so I ran to my car, sweating like a small child wearing a full-face helmet, drove as fast as the somewhat slow and frustrating traffic would allow (AC blasting so I could quell the sweat a touch before seeing other grown adults who are more put together than I am) and drove into the parking lot at break-neck speed. I found the only spot in the lot (there’s a wine bar AND a frozen yogurt place in that particular shopping center, so naturally around 6:00 it’s packed), squeezed out of my truck trying not to destroy the paint on my and my neighbor’s doors and darted into the Studio. As I booked it down the hall (walk-running so as to not appear frantic) to grab my son who would be putting his shoes on by this point, I rounded the corner and got “the look” from the other moms … the “what in the hell are you doing here look” … after a tiny moment of delay, they broke the news … “Your Son didn’t come to dance today” they said with a wry and patronizing smile. AWESOME!

Of course, they then proceeded to try to make me feel better (and I say that sarcastically) … “Don’t worry, it gets easier,” one of the moms said.
Yeah, ladies … I’m not a tourist, this isn’t my first time, you have no FREAKING idea of the cluster that is my world so BACK OFF! Now, to be honest, I get somewhat heated when talked to like a newbie … particularly from anyone lucky enough to spend their afternoon gabbing over frozen yogurt while their sons/daughters attend 3+ hours of dance. We all have a few too many things going through our brains and arguably a few things too much on our plates … not to mention the extra cookie I snuck for breakfast this morning.

Anyways, I smiled politely, spun on my heels (not high heels, probably sneakers) and calmly walked back to my truck … texting my husband to thank him for not letting me know that our son had skipped dance for the day. And no, I wasn’t pissed … and no, this wasn’t the only time this same exact thing happened 🙂

Life is crazy (for everyone in my house and nearly every family to be honest). Most afternoon/evening routines make work-day stress seem like a vacation! As a mom at dance said so perfectly, “kids shouldn’t get in trouble for being late to class. Their teacher should politely let them know to tell their moms and dads to try not to be late since we’re the ones controlling (for the most part) whether kids arrive on time or not.” The second (and third) time this same mistaken-pickup situation happened were honestly just plain funny! And SuperDad and I established a pre-pickup comm-strategy to avoid this from happening a 4th time! Thank heavens for texting!

Happy parenting to all and to all a good nap!


About The Momster

The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.
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