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Back With Something I Never Expected

If you had asked me a year ago, when I last published a post (pretty much … it’s been a crazy year) that today I would’ve put a newborn footie pajama suit onto a tiny 6┬ápounder, complete with a pink … Continue reading

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When you can taste it …

This past weekend was one of the rare weekends when it’s just me and my boys. And it was the first weekend where it was just me and my three boys. SuperDad was off at the races taking care of … Continue reading

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Post Baby Post #1

You think, “I’m going to be on maternity leave so I’ll have plenty of time to post amazing bits of thoughtfulness.” Ah, so silly. While baby number three’s maternity leave is nothing like that of baby number one … there’s … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Pregnant When … Part 3

It’s here … the third trimester. Oh the joy and trepidation of knowing that the countdown is on. Oh the emotions (literally the emotions!) of planning, preparing, procrastinating … it’s beautiful! So, how can you tell you’re pregnant? 1. When … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Pregnant When … Part 2

Hit the big 20 (weeks) today. I know I really need to be loving life right now because come week 30, things just won’t be so hunky dory, if you know what I mean! However, there are still some nuances … Continue reading

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