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It’s Fate People.

I have always been a believer in the power of Fate. I am not an extremely faith-based person but I do often find myself getting through “the worst of times” by giving into the power of fate and its role in … Continue reading

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I saw this article from the smart women at @AnotherMotherRunner on Facebook and couldn’t help but say, “Wow!” And upon reading this amazing story of courage and perserverance I realized that this girl goes to high school about a half mile … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of Prell

It can be said that as parents we strive to take the best parts of our childhoods and improve upon them for our own children. We want to be 10% better than the best parts of our own parents. To … Continue reading

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To Change Or Not To Change

As I mentioned, I just welcomed my third baby to this crazy world … another ridiculously cute little boy (yes, I’m biased, but he’s pretty darn cute!) And despite my non-newness to this parenting thing, it’s funny how much you forget about … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Pregnant When … Part 3

It’s here … the third trimester. Oh the joy and trepidation of knowing that the countdown is on. Oh the emotions (literally the emotions!) of planning, preparing, procrastinating … it’s beautiful! So, how can you tell you’re pregnant? 1. When … Continue reading

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How much sugar is too much sugar?

A coworker of mine mentioned that he’d read somewhere that sugar is actually toxic to the body. We were discussing this while contemplating the mystery of another coworker’s son who seems to throw up an awful lot.  That same boy … Continue reading

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A Little Sweat to Erase The Work Week

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard to get rid of the week that just was.  And while it may be counter-intuitive to many folks, I think there are a decent number of mommies out there who would … Continue reading

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