Long Drive Memories

The Momster family is famous for our long drives… we aren’t an airplane crew … thankfully our boys are champions of the road trip, due to early training on the art of remaining cool in their respective car seats!  Of course, regardless of the coping mechanisms of the occupants of the vehicle, there are always ridiculous moments on any long, 10+ hour drive, that make for funny memories. 

We do the drive from North Carolina to New England a few times each year.  It can take anywhere from 12 hours to upwards of 17, depending on when you hit the guaranteed traffic of the East Coast highways.  This most recent trip was broken into two parts bookending a weekend of bike racing around Delaware.  The first chunk should have taken 7 hours, but took a sweet 10, thanks to traffic in and around the nations capitol.

The second leg timed out (on Google Maps) at approximately 5:45.  I’m pretty thankful it ultimately only took a little over 7 as it timed out well with the boys napping at the beginning and ends of the trip… with only a handful of tears sprinkled into the middle thanks to a stretch of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Our best memory of the drive … When we  realized we had lost our NJ turnpike ticket inside the dashboard… Made better when SuperDad came to the rescue and completely removed said dashboard while we waited in line to pay the toll! Take that bitches, that’s a savings of $3! Almost makes the 2 hours it took to cross the George Washington bridge right afterwards feel like a victory parade!! What did we do with our new found “wealth?” Headed to the first Dunkin Donuts in Connecticut to reward everyone with a doughnut and some delicious iced coffee!

About The Momster

The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.
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