Resolution Moment of Truth

As the back-to-school season gets into full swing (AKA take-two on New Year’s resolutions for me personally), I am reflecting back on my “goals and objectives” for 2015. On the fitness/athletics front I do have a few things I’d be pleased with achieving for the year but I’m not one for sharing (and then having to cop to not succeeding) … maybe that should’ve been one of my resolutions. Anywho … on to what I came here to talk about …

Here’s a question I have for all of you out there who have resolved to do something race-related … be it a triathalon, running race (5K, half or full, or 100 miler) or bike race … when you realize that you’re going to be walking up to the start line rather unprepared (life has a way of intervening on that pesky training thing sometimes), do you scrap it and get your entry back, scrap it and not get your entry back (which sounds stinky but sometimes it’s worth the monetary loss) or just saddle up and line up at the start line to give it your best shot?

Every year I try to make an effort to hit a race or two … a few big guys to keep me honest and in the “acceptably fit” zone. Ideally I’d run at least one marathon (or longer than a 15K) each calendar year … not too difficult, you’d think.

However, in 2012 I realized as we approached October, that I hadn’t gotten my race in for the year. So I said, what they heck, I’ll do a marathon that I’ve run before … the first time, at 10 weeks pregnant. I knew I wouldn’t be in the right shape to do anything magnificent but I figured, if I can run it amidst the throws of morning sickness and tiredness, then it couldn’t be too difficult out of shape, right?!?!

Oh, how wrong I was! I made it across the line, despite getting near dehydrated around mile 10 and a side stitch at mile 14 that lasted for about 4 miles. And when I was nestled in my jammies that evening, sore as heck and still a bit nauseous, I pulled out my trusty planner with all the information I need for any situation and flipped to the well-worn sticky note in the back to see that I’d run the race 30 seconds SLOWER than the previous time.

Lesson: running a marathon completely unprepared is about the exact same as running it in decent shape but 10 weeks pregnant. Fancy that.

This year has been no different. I wanted to knock out my one “mandatory marathon” early and wouldn’t you know it, I proved once again that I am not my 25-year-old self that can just show up and muddle through an epic endeavor like a marathon.  However, as I make my back-to-school/end of year resolutions (which is a totally real thing) I am quickly running out of time to knock out a “successful” running race … and my 10-miler last weekend wasn’t the reinforcement I need to make me feel like I can just wing it at a big race in the next 6 weeks.

About The Momster

The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.
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