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Grocery Store Rock Concert

Having a baby changes everything right?  Totally.  I realized one of the greatest changes that came to my life is what I can do because I have my son on my hip.  I was at Whole Foods, which has excellent … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Ear Infection

It’s arguably one of the most common ailments of a youngster’s life… it’s one of those things that parents can’t usually see from the outside.  There’s no runny nose, oftentimes no visible signs that let us know something is wrong … Continue reading

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Feeding in the Green

Are you always on the lookout for safe, BPA Free, “green” products for your little ones?  Well, here’s something right up your alley.  From what I can see, it looks like a good value for the money.  And they’re listed … Continue reading

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New Car Seat Recommendations!

Just saw this come over “the wire”… “New American Academy of Pediatrics Car Seat Safety Guidelines: Rear-Facing Until Age 2.” Having been in a couple fender benders since my oldest was born, I agree … it feels so much safer … Continue reading

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Best Baby Bag Ever!

And no, I don’t mean a diaper bag.  I mean what basically amounts to a sleeping bag for infant carrier car seats. The J.J. Cole Bundle Me collection is nothing less than brilliant. Not only do they provide the perfect … Continue reading

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