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You Know You’re Pregnant When … part 1

A few pieces of pregnant wisdom as I enjoythe 9 (which are actually 10) months until nugget #3 enters this crazy world. Month Number 4: You find a pair of fave early pregnancy/post pregnancy pants that are nice and roomy … Continue reading

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Arggghhhh, I’m the Momster!

Ever feel like you can’t help but be a Momster?  Frankly, it’s how I define my role in most cases … see my profile name! Sometimes the inability to be patient, in particular, leads to an immediate stern “you’re in … Continue reading

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Mama Mirror

Being a Mama of a toddler affords such wonderful opportunities. The one that has come blazing to the forefront as of late is what I actually sound like. I always thought I was trying to have a nice filter on … Continue reading

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ER Mom

Being a recent mother of 2 I have come to find this new situation to be rewarding, exciting, loving and for a few brief periods every day traumatic.  I liken the “job” of being the Mama of 2 to what … Continue reading

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When it Rains …

Sometimes it seems like a higher power is doing their damndest to make life entirely ridiculous … making good moods and a relaxing evening after a long day at work all but impossible. Thursday night was just such a night … Continue reading

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