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Can You Leave Your Work at Work?

This past Thursday I was sitting, passing the time, in the hallway of my oldest son’s dance class … chatting with a fellow mom about all-things parenting.  Now this particular mom is a mom to four kids — three boys … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Pair of Butt Pants?

Well, do you? My guess is yes … if I’ve correctly identified what exactly Butt Pants are. My 4-year old likes to inform me that I’m wearing Butt Pants every so often. I’ve made sure to tell him that, technically, … Continue reading

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Are They Trying to Tell Me Something?

I must admit, I’m somewhat of a worrier.  I can easily let my mind get away from me and assume that when I walk by a conversation and someone stops talking, that they were talking about ME! Or if I … Continue reading

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Why pay $2.50 when you can pay $.25

I may be the cheapest (or what I refer to as frugal) person on the planet. I can talk myself out of buying milk, despite the fact that my family can finish off a gallon in less than 36 hours without even thinking … Continue reading

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What a Mom Can Do With 25 Minutes

Isn’t it crazy, what you can do in 25 minutes when you’re pushed to “make it happen?”  Here are just a few things that I’ve recently spent 25 minutes doing.  I credit my “vast” 4 years of mommy experience.  Imagine … Continue reading

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In Love With a One Gallon Bag

It’s funny how you go through your days without certain things … like, a dishwasher, a floor steamer, a hair dryer … that sort of thing. Then, whether it’s on a whim or because of a friend’s recommendation, you give … Continue reading

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