You’ve said it… probably too many times to count, right?

Frankly, sometimes it’s just too hard to come up with a REAL answer to the question “Why Mommy?” When you tell your little one that they aren’t allowed to pick their nose,  or jump down an entire flight of stairs at one time, or eat only jelly beans for lunch (while they’re watching you scarf down three handfuls as YOUR own “lunch”).

Searching for the “right” answer plagues all of our decision-making… “How much food should my baby eat?” “Do I have enough milk?” How much sleep does she need?”  “Will he EVER sleep through the night?”  “How do I balance Mommy time and Me time?”

Hi.  We are three moms, three sisters, trying to find our way through mommy-hood just like you … and we’re out to get educated so that we can confidently make the decisions we need to… for our kids, for our families, hell, for ourselves.  So we can rightfully say, “Because Mommy Said So”… and not be putting anyone in any real danger!

We hope that you will find our site to be educational and maybe even entertaining.  Why, you ask?  Because Mommy Said So, that’s why.

Momster,  Momtaz & Mighty Mom

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