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The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.

Totally Put Together … Yeah, Sure!

As I was bouncing and pacing with my littlest in the infant carrier, while waiting to pickup #2 at his dance class, all the time, spurring my oldest to FINISH YOUR HOMEWORK FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, I was reminiscing about parenting woes … Continue reading

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Off Day on an On Day

Mighty Mom had a moment, back (a few years ago now) as she set off for her first day back  to work post-second baby-having … Now, to be honest, we all have “moments,” especially as we embark on a new … Continue reading

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Back With Something I Never Expected

If you had asked me a year ago, when I last published a post (pretty much … it’s been a crazy year) that today I would’ve put a newborn footie pajama suit onto a tiny 6 pounder, complete with a pink … Continue reading

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Maybe My Classiest Parenting Moment in a While

What’s classier than a two-year old rolling around the carpet of a fancy restaurant? Well, I’m lucky enough to know.  And it wasn’t switching between a chair, a high-chair and a booster seat about 10 times before the waiter brought out … Continue reading

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Resolution Moment of Truth

As the back-to-school season gets into full swing (AKA take-two on New Year’s resolutions for me personally), I am reflecting back on my “goals and objectives” for 2015. On the fitness/athletics front I do have a few things I’d be pleased with … Continue reading

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DAY 1: Christmas Vacation 2014

Ah, it’s day 1 of “Christmas Vacation” and it’s already getting crazy … what’s getting crazy? Well, that would be me, of course. We finally got the tree up and decorated last night. It was festive but I was a quasi-Grinch. I … Continue reading

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It’s Fate People.

I have always been a believer in the power of Fate. I am not an extremely faith-based person but I do often find myself getting through “the worst of times” by giving into the power of fate and its role in … Continue reading

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