What a Mom Can Do With 25 Minutes

Isn’t it crazy, what you can do in 25 minutes when you’re pushed to “make it happen?”  Here are just a few things that I’ve recently spent 25 minutes doing.  I credit my “vast” 4 years of mommy experience.  Imagine what’s possible after 18 years?  It blows my mind … unless after a certain point in time we start to lose our productivity and return to our pre-baby, lounging-on-the-couch-all-day, sleeping till 11AM ways.  Now that I think of it, that makes a lot more sense!

  1. build a 2-part Lego set complete with a sweet jeep, trailer, 2 dirt bikes, 2 biker guys, drawers for their dirt bike tools and cones to mark out their dirt  bike course.
  2. empty the dishwasher, fold two loads of laundry, feed the cats, put on “makeup” — which merely consists of eyeliner, make the coffee for SuperDad, feed the kiddos breakfast and take out the trash (a typical pre-work morning at the Momster house)
  3. get in an “entire workout” — that’s right, if it’s over 20 minutes then it TOTALLY counts as a workout.  This is a departure from my “athlete” days where it had to be at least an hour to count.  F-that …. hello, fellow mommies, 20 minutes will now always count.
  4. Breast feed one child two separate times … you all remember those days when your little one takes a meal, only to be looking for a snack soon after.  I’m happy to no longer be breast feeding for many reason but man, that was efficient AND CHEAP!
  5. changed my son’s diaper 3 times, give him a shower and go through two outfits … I know you’ve been in this situation … it’s like the little guy is waiting to pee or poop for a fresh diaper.  And frankly, I don’t blame him. The worst is when one of the diapers is a dudd, or isn’t on correctly so all he does is pee out of it and ruin the diaper for future uses … Argh!
  6. vacuum the entire house — I’ve never said I’m the queen of housework or that I do an awesome job, in fact I believe the contrary to be true … but if you’ve got company coming in a half hour, it doesn’t hurt to be skilled at wielding a speedy vacuum to get the place into passable condition.
  7. Leave for work, get to work and get back home to pickup the laptop you forgot on the table because you were working late the night before, and subsequently get back to work to actually start your day.  I’m not saying I abided by the speed limit!

What else can you do in 25 minutes or less?   Oh, so many things. Being a Mommy is like being a Super Hero … without the cape and with an unironed, puke stained, ill-fitting suit of course.

About The Momster

The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.
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