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Mommy Play Dates vs. Daddy Play Dates

So, what’s better, a Mommy-led play date or a Daddy-led play date?  Frankly, they’re both AWESOME to the little ones but just for fun, let’s debate the merits of each!  The Mommy Play Date: usually these come complete with snacks … Continue reading

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Product of the Week – Mommy’s Little Helper

It’s been well over a week since my last “weekly” post and this isn’t a traditional product endoresement… so don’t sure me! Isn’t it always the non-toy toys that kids love the most?  I remember my son’s first Christmas when … Continue reading

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A Weekend for Momster and the Boys

There are only a handful of weekends a year when it’s just Momster and the Boys.  This is one of them. SuperDad is off at a couple big bike races in the MidAtlantic until late Sunday evening. These weekends are … Continue reading

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It’s driveway-chalk time!

Looking for something to do with the kiddos on a nice day but don’t have it in you to schlep to the playground and chase everyone around attempting to keep the little ones from getting hurt?  Need to find something … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Reflection

Another weekend is quickly coming to a close.  We opted out of going to a team dinner for the kids Dadda coaches in lieu of ordering in from the local pizza place.  Good thing we did too… we were here … Continue reading

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Oh Plah! – Here you go

It’s a magical age… the age when your little one starts to chew on anything and everything that’s within arms reach.  (Sadly, for some kids, this can last well past the “teething” stage.)  Now, if you’re like me, you’re always … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Rock Concert

Having a baby changes everything right?  Totally.  I realized one of the greatest changes that came to my life is what I can do because I have my son on my hip.  I was at Whole Foods, which has excellent … Continue reading

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