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Momtaz, a wife and stay at home Mama of two boys, currently lives in Miami where does yoga when she can, tries to practice buddhism every day, and dances (most frequently by way of children's music). She is currently in retirement from her career as a pediatric physical therapist.

Mama Mirror

Being a Mama of a toddler affords such wonderful opportunities. The one that has come blazing to the forefront as of late is what I actually sound like. I always thought I was trying to have a nice filter on … Continue reading

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ER Mom

Being a recent mother of 2 I have come to find this new situation to be rewarding, exciting, loving and for a few brief periods every day traumatic.  I liken the “job” of being the Mama of 2 to what … Continue reading

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Nursery Rhyme Bungle

I live in a stay-at-home, mommy-and-me world filled with sharing, snack-time and nursery rhymes. Singing is part of our daily, no make it hourly, life. It was often the only thing that would keep my little one’s cool when things … Continue reading

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My Review of F IN EXAMS

Originally submitted at UncommonGoods Question: Use the word "doldrums" in a sentence. If you answered "I cannot play the doldrums," you're correct! At least according to this hilarious book of wrong answers, celebrating the creative side of failure with 250 … Continue reading

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Strep Test Negotiation

So I was recently at the pediatrician with my 9 month old son for a high fever that wouldn’t remit… see Birthday Party Transmitted Diseases… when I had the privilege of overhearing a spectacular conversation had by a nurse, a … Continue reading

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Special Mom

As I was attempting a quick cardio binge on the elliptical machine at the gym I was trying to clear my head and get some “mommy-minutes” so I was going between watching the Price Is Right and  Sex and The … Continue reading

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Storing Puffs for Winter

I have been introducing solids to my 8 month old for a few months now and one of his favorites is puffs, Plum Baby Blues and Yellows are his favorites but he’ll eat any kind really.  I also like puffs … Continue reading

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