Just Another Saturday in the Momster house

Saturdays can be great or they can be crappy. They can be super productive or they can be just another day when you can’t seem to get ANYTHING done.  They SHOULD be relaxing, restful, filled with family time, some tasty food that wasn’t prepared under duress (i.e. post-work, screaming baby, “Momma I’m hungry” time). My Saturday was sort of a mixture of all of these things. Here’s how it went down.

We just returned from a decently long time away, visiting family … so, first things first, we must vacuum and steam the floors that are now extremely yucky thanks to two cats that went in and out of the house while we were away with no one cleaning up after them on an hourly basis. I could only wait until about 7:15 (sorry sleeping Dad) before that task had to be tackled. 
I threw in a  load of laundry first thing too, to get it out of the way. Upon inspection of the freshly washed load, I discovered that I had washed a diaper and it had done an awesome job of exploding all over everything (I about threw up when, without looking, I reached in to grab a handful of clothes and instead got a fistful of diaper crystals instead, bleeeccckkk!) So, I quickly started a laundry load of just, well, nothing, to clean out the washing machine before I REWASHED the laundry itself (in the event the diaper wasn’t clean when it went in). Ahhh, good times.
Next on the docket, cleaning the carseat  that was filled with pretzels and other yummy morsels (from our 15+ hour drive of random snacking) that now had a decent handful of ants crawling in it thanks to it resting near the fire place and this being the first week of what we’ll lovingly call “Spring Ant Season.”  Now the crack of dawn vacuuming makes a little bit more sense, huh?!?!
Now that the carseat was fit to be occupied by a little baby’s bottom, it was time to go to the grocery store to get some food since only college sophomores can survive on butter and pinto beans (which was basically what was left in our fridge and cabinets). A couple hundred dollars later, and with one napping little guy it was “Get Stuff Done” time.
We were hoping to put in a window AC unit in the boys’ room since we are expecting a heat wave but that had to wait when we realized we needed to remedy the funny stink coming from one of our air vents… it smelled like a dead animal and let’s be serious, it’d be great to get the animal out before it infiltrates the entire house! So, we commenced, Operation Air-Duct Attack … complete with face masks and gloves, we pulled down about 10 feel of duct work in our less than welcoming basement so we could empty out the contents.  No animal was found but at least we can feel better that we aren’t breathing in yucky decomposing animal stench (I love home ownership!) Come to find out, we think it was a stinky trash can thanks to the friend who stopped in to feed our cats while we were gone… yummy!
Superdad was now already disgusting so he took the opportunity to do a quick run around the house with the bug spray to kill some spiders, and of course some of the ants to hopefully reduce the number getting all up in our stuff inside the house.
Once all of that was completed, SuperDad did a through cleaning of the AC unit and we installed that sucker in our sweltering upstairs which made sleeping last night, after a LONG day, so freaking awesome, I can’t even explain it!

Happy Saturday to mommies everywhere.  Of course, it’s now Sunday and I’m at work.  Grrrrr.

About The Momster

The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.
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