Special Mom

As I was attempting a quick cardio binge on the elliptical machine at the gym I was trying to clear my head and get some “mommy-minutes” so I was going between watching the Price Is Right and  Sex and The City  on the 7+ televisions that were on.  The televisions are usually tuned to some type of news program or ESPN so I felt lucky to have two guilty pleasures to watch.

Then an image on the screen of one of the televisions,  just barely out of my sight caught my attention, it was a girl running.  Something about this girl made me want to watch.  It moves quickly backwards through her life and I conclude that this commercial is for the Special Olympics, but something is very different.  It is not just about the athlete but about the Mom.  It is an inspirational piece that made me so proud to be a Mom and so inspired to try to always see my child for what he can do and not what he can’t.  Check it out and cry with me.

About Momtaz

Momtaz, a wife and stay at home Mama of two boys, currently lives in Miami where does yoga when she can, tries to practice buddhism every day, and dances (most frequently by way of children's music). She is currently in retirement from her career as a pediatric physical therapist.
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