Oh Plah! – Here you go

It’s a magical age… the age when your little one starts to chew on anything and everything that’s within arms reach.  (Sadly, for some kids, this can last well past the “teething” stage.)  Now, if you’re like me, you’re always trying to figure out what the best thing is to give your little nugget so that 1. they don’t end up getting some sort of crazy bacterial infection from nasty germs should this item not be made for teething and therefore covered in normal everyday yuckiness, 2. they don’t ruin whatever the item is with their slurpy spit, 3. they don’t hurt their precious few teeth or tender gums and 4. they actually will want to chew on it (let’s face it, no matter the age, kids are hip to the fact that it’s WAY BETTER to chew on something that’s not actually made for that purpose – think watches, car keys, etc.) 
So I recently ran across an article about something that just might fit the bill in these situations.  Meet “Oh Plah!”  To your little one it’ll look like a cool bracelet that Mommy is wearing that would be delicious to chew on. To you and I, it’s a a cute cuff that is safe for baby to sink his or her teeth into.  I think I like the blue one the best (because of the cute little birds) — although my life could probably use Energy or Simplicity a bit more than Harmony. 
Check out the video on their site for more details (including why the heck it’s called an “Oh Plah!”

About The Momster

The Momster is the mother of three little boys, living in North Carolina. A former bike racer, she currently works stupidly long hours in advertising and marketing, runs stupidly long distances for the sake of sanity and has made it her life mission to find Patience.
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