New Adapter for Medela Pump & Save Breast Milk Bags

So before I turned in for the night I prepared to perform my nightly pumping, to have milk for cereal and possible bottles the next day, and reached into the cabinet only to find the box of  breast milk bags was empty!  Thankfully, during one of my organized, prior planning prevents poor performance moments I had re-ordered more bags… thank you “5 p’s of life!”  When I went to open the box, which I thought was the same product as I previously purchased I noticed on the box it said, NEW EASY CONNECT ADAPTER!

Wow! I thought, I am always looking for new things. My first instinct was, Great I have one more part to wash!!!  Ugh! But I thought I would give it a good old college try to see how it would go.  The adapter connects directly to the breast shield connector eliminating those pesky sticky tabs that either stick to your breast shield connector or rip the bag as you are removing them.  Bonus.  So I connected all the apparatuses and let her rip!

Pros: MUCH easier to connect and disconnect the bag and breast shield connector, easier to read how much milk you have accumulated as it holds the bag in a more open position, the holes in the bag for the adapter also serve as a handle to carry the milk after you are done, the milk doesn’t really touch the adapter as long as you are pumping in the traditional upright seated or standing position

Cons:  One more piece of equipment to wash, one more piece of hard plastic in the environment once you are done with it.

I like it with one caveat… that I wouldn’t have to receive new adapters with each new box of bags.  It comes with two adapters for 50 bags and if you wash them each time which you should anyway, two should be enough for a long while… I’ll see what Medela has to say about this…

About Momtaz

Momtaz, a wife and stay at home Mama of two boys, currently lives in Miami where does yoga when she can, tries to practice buddhism every day, and dances (most frequently by way of children's music). She is currently in retirement from her career as a pediatric physical therapist.
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